Butcher Shop

Pasture Raised Meat Sold in missouri

Welcome To The Harr Family Farms Butcher Shop.

All Inclusive Price - Butchered, Processed,
Wrapped, Labeled, & Ready For Your Freezer!
2-3 week turnaround time
Local Pasture Raised Angus Beef
Grass Fed & Grain Finished
Black Angus Beef: Available Now!
Quarter Beef: 150-175lbs
Half Beef: 300-350lbs
Whole Beef: 600-700lbs
Local Yorkshire/Hampshire Hog: Available Now!
Half Hog: 100-120lbs
Whole Hog: 200-240lbs

For up-to-date pricing per pound on a beef or hog order, please give us a call (618) 798-1131 or Contact Us

Butcher Forms:

You can download and fill out your form and bring it to us on the weekend. If you're not sure how to fill out your form, you can give us a call, and we can help! 618.798.1131